LORE Technology Implements Schwab's Customization Feature

 On-line Brokerage leader and Consulting Leader Collaborate to Create Customization for On-line Web Investors

OAKLAND, CA, September 10, 1998 --LORE Technology and Charles Schwab today unveiled a new log-on page for on-line investors that will help customers get a consolidated snapshot of the markets and their account information. Customize the Information You Get When You Log On !

If customers want to get the information they are interested in right at log on, if they want to see where the market is heading at a glance--? Now Schwab investors have the control to customize what's shown on Schwab's Customer Center home page.

It's easy! Simply log on, click the *Customize* button in the upper- right frame and select from a list of choices. It takes only a few seconds. And if you change your mind, you can adjust your custom selections at any time.

Among customer choices are:

  • Account balances and details
  • Positions
  • Order status
  • Market news and Schwab commentary
  • Quotes
  • Up to six market indices
  • An index chart (from 20 choices)

LORE Technology, L.L.C. is a San Francisco Bay Area company providing electronic commerce consulting services to the Financial Services Industry.